Tuesday, July 21, 2009

it's been 3 months.

Let's see it's been three months since i last posted. well maybe i should start again. i am currently recovering from my knee surgery. it's been 3 weeks so far that means 5 more months till i could test my knee out and all together a year till i get back into fighting. i want to start doing triathlons since i can't fight. That would be amazing rehabilitation to get back into fighting shape. let's see things i gotta do apply for my classes, get a loan out of the bank, and start getting my ass back into the gym. ive gained like 15 pounds so far and i feel terribly unhealthy. I got beat up by a 98 pound ferocious little girl for God's sake. i really need to get my act together and finish what i started. If i don't i feel that my life will start spiraling downward into a dark abyss. well im praying i could do better for myself. there's a lot of things that must be done.