Saturday, July 19, 2008

Had a bummer Fight.

Had a fight today against this guy James. He was tuff i coulda taken him if i spent more time at the gym and less time sleeping. but oh well . 

I got my butt whooped every round. i went for a take down on the first round and got taken down and choked out so i tapped.

Second round i was doin alright on stand up caught the due with a spinning backfist and a couple hard hits. then i went for a clinch. he took me down again and had me on mount i felt powerless and tired mentally and physically.

third round was all stand up i was doin alright caught him with 2 good super man punches. but then i kicked him wrong and had to fight the rest of the round with an injured instep. i needa watch out on how i kick. its very dangerous. haha.

well all in all i got my butt whooped. but its kool jus another experience to work on my mistakes.  My foots killen me right now!! OUCH!! i can't even walk right.

all in all it was a productive day. gotta work on my speech on monday
im sleepy. nap time.

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