Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dolphin Adventure Ride

Pretty awesome day. Went to the sea life reserve near diamond head, swam with some sting rays and sharks their, I was nervous, but excited. The sting ray's basically were like under water cats, they would swim up to you and caress your leg as a cat would then lay around and sleep all day. swimming near a shark wasn't as bad as i thought. She was quite chill and kept to her own.

My Dolphin experience was a first time for me. smooth intellectual creatures they are. I had a blast so did my family. I felt like aqua man riding the belly of a dolphin, having that feeling like i am king of the sea. I could see myself holding a trident with a chariot of dolphins ruling the ocean with my powerful hands. haha. I learned a lot about dolphin hierarchy and communication there. Dolphins have scratches on there backs like tattoos as a sign of where they are at in the ladder of their group and the scratches come from their fellow dolphins jagged teeth.

I ended the day off with dinner at a shrimp shack and hit the hay for my next adventure tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

boating,bbq,and snorkeling

Got picked up at the Marriot, drove to waikiki harbor for a boat ride.The boat took me and my family across the waikiki strip giving us a beautiful vies of the city. Next, had some bbq that consisted of hot dogs and burgers, had a snorkeling tour where i saw sea turtles and fwent fishing and caught a whooper. Overall it was a very fun trip.

hawaii day 2

Today woke up, went to a free breakfast orientation, and set my week up for activities.My schedule goes a little like this, tomorrow a boat ride with bbq and snorkeling, the day after im going to swim with dolphin's, and to end it off kayaking and a dinner cruise. After the orientaiton I wen swimming all day and ate at a delicious buffet in the pacific beach hotel, all you can eat prime rib and king crab. Delicious. Ended the day off with walking the strip with a little window shopping.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

UFC 101

My boy anderson silva came through for me in true anderson silva fashion. He is pound for pound the greatest fighter that ever lived. His movement is just effortless and his striking is so sharp. He is truly a one of a kind fighter. He knocks out Forest Griffen while backing up with his hands down. His striking evokes confidence and his swagger is that of a professional, some of the qualities i strive for as a fighter. Someday i will hope to attain that level of greatness in my life.