Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dolphin Adventure Ride

Pretty awesome day. Went to the sea life reserve near diamond head, swam with some sting rays and sharks their, I was nervous, but excited. The sting ray's basically were like under water cats, they would swim up to you and caress your leg as a cat would then lay around and sleep all day. swimming near a shark wasn't as bad as i thought. She was quite chill and kept to her own.

My Dolphin experience was a first time for me. smooth intellectual creatures they are. I had a blast so did my family. I felt like aqua man riding the belly of a dolphin, having that feeling like i am king of the sea. I could see myself holding a trident with a chariot of dolphins ruling the ocean with my powerful hands. haha. I learned a lot about dolphin hierarchy and communication there. Dolphins have scratches on there backs like tattoos as a sign of where they are at in the ladder of their group and the scratches come from their fellow dolphins jagged teeth.

I ended the day off with dinner at a shrimp shack and hit the hay for my next adventure tomorrow.

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